LiveSpring Unique Features

LiveSpring provides unique advantages to different categories of organizations, businesses, individuals across the globe to connect with each other and relate in a meaningful and impactful way with easy-to-use features on the platform.

A. LiveSpring is multilingual and has about 108 major languages and several local dialects on the platform across every continent and nation in the world.

B. LiveSpring is multinational and is available in 237 nations of the world both small and large countries in all the continents. Users who live in all these countries can use the platform, trade in the market and for most part use their languages to communicate on it with their organizations, colleagues, partners, friends, and families.

C. LiveSpring is multi-currency with over 150 currencies spent around the world. Users can easily buy products in their national currency from anywhere around the world with ease.

D. Communication in LiveSpring is very easy especially for organizations that have sub organizations in different places across the globe. Language barrier is minimized with a seamless translation on the platform and intra-communicationbetween the organization from their headquarters to their subsidiaries on the platform.

Your profile includes your Bio data, Activities, Timeline, Groups, Likes, Photos and Videos.
  1. i. Click on Profile on the side menu.
  2. ii. Click on the Edit button
  3. iii. Fill in your details
  4. iv. And Save.
A profile completion bar will be visible on your profile page. Click on each highlight to complete the data.

This showcases the list of organizations you are following, posts from people you are following and status updates.
  1. List of organizations: This allows you to access your church/organizations profiles, where you can follow up on updates, notifications and make payments or Donations.
  2. Posts from people: You get to access posts from those you follow.
  3. Status updates: Where you get to share pictures, videos, GIFs, run Polls and so on.

LiveSpring users can join discussion forums started by their organizations or friends to add their voices or comments to the discussion. Users can also create topics for discussion.
  1. i. Click the Discussion Forum.
  2. ii. Select the discussion topic
  3. iii. Add your thoughts and comment
  4. iv. Submit

You can also create topics and share with users.

LiveSpring allows you to schedule an appointment with the organization/churches you are following.
To schedule an appointment:
  1. i. Click on Appointment on the side menu and
  2. ii. Create an appointment and submit.

The Broadcast feature is available to LiveSpring Pro and LiveSpring Plus account users.
To use the broadcast feature or Go live:
  1. i. Click on Broadcast on the side menu
  2. ii. Select your targeted audience (Page, Group or General Newsfeed)
  3. iii. Click on broadcast.

This feature is only available to LiveSpring Pro users Dashboard allows you to view statistics on organizational growth, such as total number of pages and groups, number of followers.
To access Organizational and Followers’ progress.
  1. i. Click on Dashboard
  2. ii. Select the Organizations button and it provides you the list of organizations and your members.

  • General settings allow you to update or make changes to your profile, security features, social links, notification settings and profile design.
    1. i. To change the settings on the app, click ‘my profile’ on your account, then select edit to open the settings.
    2. ii. Under ‘General’, change your user name, add phone number, change email, country etc
    3. iii. Select profile to add more information about yourself, education detail, work detail, relationship status and more
          Other settings you can change include:
  • 2. Security features include privacy, password updates and sessions management.
  • 3. Social links allow you to add or update your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Linked in and YouTube handles
  • 4.Design allows you to add or modify your avatar and cover image.
  • 5. Notifications settings allow you to enable or disable notifications when others interact with your profile, timeline, newsfeed, posts, groups and pages.
  • 6. My Information allows you to download your information, posts and activities on LiveSpring.

You can create different groups within your organization or with your friends, colleagues and more. Groups allow you to share information, data etc with people who have common goals, belong to similar department, ministry in your organization or simply with your colleagues and friends
To create new Group
  1. i. Click my group
  2. ii. Click Create for new group
  3. iii. Fill in the group name
  4. iv. Add unique name identification to the existing url link e.g if group name is City Junior Youth, Group URL can be
  5. v. Enter the description of your group
  6. vi. Select Public if anyone can add themselves to the group, private if it is limited to selected audience
  7. vii. Select the category that best describe the new group, then click create
  8. viii. Once the group is formed, it will be found under ‘My Groups’
  9. ix. You will be able to join other groups you are interested in under ‘Suggested Groups’ and you will be able to see all the groups you belong to under ‘Joined Groups’
  10. x. To edit a newly created group, click edit to go to the general setting
  11. xi. You can select privacy, add picture and graphic to the group page, give admin privileges see your group analytics and delete the group from there.

Under events, you can create your special programs, celebrations and other special occasions you wish to invite others to attend
  1. i. Click create to create new event
  2. ii. Enter the event name, the location of the event, the start dates and end dates with time
  3. iii. Describe briefly what this event is about
  4. iv. Load an image or a flyer that describes the event from your computer and submit
  5. v. You will be able to see the newly created event under ‘My Events’
  6. vi. You can see other events under browse, then events you are interested in or attending and past events
  7. vii. When other users see your event and click on it, they will be able to join or show they are interested.
  8. viii. From your event page, you are able to send reminders to everyone who are interested or confirmed, you can edit the event or delete it.
  9. ix. On your event page, you can add documents, videos, flyers, music, direction etc. Simply click ‘What’s going on to reveal these options and your can share or broadcast based on your selection. Users are also to see a count down for the event by days, hours and minutes

With ‘My Pages’ you can have specialized page for your conference, products, or any focused subject you want your followers and friends to see. To create a page
  1. i. Click ‘My Pages’ in the menu list. Here you will be able to see all your pages, suggested pages and also liked pages
  2. ii. Click create to create a new one
  3. iii. Enter your page name
  4. iv. Add unique identifier to the URL link for your page: https://livespring.org/xxxx
  5. v. Select category that best describes your page
  6. vi. Enter description of what your page is about and click create
  7. vii. You can select your new page to further edit it if you like to get to the general setting
  8. viii. From here you can add your company or product information, website, social links, avatar cover, admin right, page analytics or delete page
  9. ix. Choose if other users can post on your page by

Jobs present users opportunity to search for jobs and apply on the platform. Companies sponsored jobs can be searched by location and job categories. Users can also search by full time, part time, volunteer or contract.
To post a job,
  1. i. You need to first create a page for the company, business, product or the service. (Refer to how to create a page)
  2. ii. Click the page you already created for the business, product or service to select it.
  3. iii. From here you can post a job by clicking ‘Create Job’ or offers by clicking ‘offers’
  4. iv. Click post a new job and fill the form for the vacancy/job
  5. v. Input the Job title, location of the job
  6. vi. Input the salary range for the job per hour
  7. vii. Select the currency, then input the job type that applies (full time etc)
  8. viii. Select from the drop down the category that best describes the job
  9. ix. Input description of the job as needed.
  10. x. Add additional questions you want the applicants to answer (multiple choice, free style question etc)
  11. xi. Load a flyer or graphic or cover picture describing the job or your business or company if applicable and submit.
  12. xii. Users on the platform can see your posted jobs and apply from their accounts and submit their applications, resumes and any other document to the email connected with your account or the posted job.

Under explore, users will be able to search for other users on the platform, by organizations, pages and different groups that are present on the LiveSpring platform.
Users can search by keywords, by countries or filter by age, gender, and status.

Under ‘My Products’, users can upload downloadable items for sale on the platform. Users can also explore the market from this terminal.
To Create products:
  1. i. Click create
  2. ii. Fill in the information of the products such as the name of the product, author of the product if applicable.
  3. iii. Select if the product is free or input the price. The default currency is the country of your registration.
  4. iv. Select the category of your product and upload a picture of it if available, otherwise a default picture will apply
  5. v. Upload the file and submit.
  6. vi. Your product can be shared by users or yourself on facebook, twitter, pintrest or linkedin as desired.
  7. vii. Your products will be available for users to purchase in the ‘Market’.

Market is where users can get downloadable products at a price or for free. Products are sorted by price and different categories such as games, books, software, music and Sermon resources. Users get to buy the product of choice and pay online after which the product is available for download on the user’s device.

Offers give users the opportunity to see special discounts and coupons for products and services available on the platform presented by other users. Interested users can take advantage of such offers from the pages or websites of the presenters. To create an offer,
  1. i. You need to first create a page for the product or the service. (Refer to how to create a page)
  2. ii. Click the page you already created to select it.
  3. iii. From here you can post a job by clicking ‘Create Job’ or offers by clicking ‘offers’
  4. iv. Click create new offer and fill the form for the offer
  5. v. Select what type of offer from the drop down list
  6. vi. Input the offer you want to give based on your selection
  7. vii. Select the currency, then input the description for the offer.
  8. viii. Select date and time the offer ends
  9. ix. Load a flyer or graphic describing the offer and submit
  10. x. Users on the platform are able to follow your offer to the page you created for it and use the coupon or get the discount.

The Campaign feature is only available to LiveSpring Pro and LiveSpring Plus users. This feature allows you to raise funds for a Project or a Cause and/or to support one. To create a campaign:
  1. i. Click on Campaign on the side menu
  2. ii. Click on Create and fill up your details.
  3. iii. To find a Cause to support:
  4. iv. Click on campaign on the side menu to view available causes to support.

The Career and Services menu gives Livespring individual users to be able to post their resumes of their career or their services and businesses on the platform for potential job recruiters or organizations interested in your services to find you. To post your resume or services:
  • i. Click career and services
  • ii. Click submit application
  • iii. Input your names, then select the category that best fits your career or the services you provide
  • iv. Upload your resume in PDF format
  • v. Upload your certificate or License if applicable
  • vi. Input more details on your job skills as well as your experience past or present
  • vii. Submit
LiveSpring’s database receives the resume and is able to cross-match it with organizations, businesses or company looking for your type of profession or services. The company or organization interested in your resume will reach out to you.

There about 108 languages and dialect from different nations on the platform. The default language is English.
  • i. Click the drop down to select your preferred language
  • ii. The platform will change to your preferred language
  • iii. Flyers and other resources created in other languages will not change to the selected language.
  • iv. The selected language will reflect in the library items (blogs, etc), market, my groups and several other items on the platform.

  • i. Under chat feature, users can select other users by name to chat with them.
  • ii. Users can also create a group chat by clicking the ‘group chat’ icon and add users to the list.
  • iii. The chat feature allows users to send documents, pictures, audio message, color posts and emoticons.
  • iv. Simply type your message or insert your pictures and enter to send.


  • Home icon
  • Quick shortcut icon to blogs, events, pages etc

  • Search option to search for people, groups, pages and #hashtags
  • Language selection. Default is English

  • Icon to accept friends’ requests
  • Icon for messages and chats
  • Notification Bell (Sound) (can be turned on and off)

  • Log out of your account
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Night Mode. Default is ‘Day Mode